My Trusted Charities for Disbursing Donations

My community and I are blessed – we were spared from both sets of tornadoes that have destroyed so many homes and lives in my state in the last few weeks. My heart goes out to the communities surrounding Moore, especially since I have several friends who live there (all are okay, praise God). I felt the same way when the tornado ripped through Joplin two years ago. I lived in Joplin for four years while attending college, and a piece of my heart still considers it as home. (Again, praise God, all of my friends survived the tornado.)

In times like these, many charities accept donations on behalf of the victims. However, I think we can all agree that not all charities are equal. If you would like to compare some charities, you can check out Charity Navigator.

I do not wish to speak ill of any charity, but I have heard enough stories to be very picky in whom I trust with my money. If I am not directly purchasing items to be distributed by a local church, I trust monetary donations to two charities: the Salvation Army and IDES.

Since nearly everyone is familiar with the Salvation Army, I’d like to encourage you to check out IDES, International Disaster Emergency Service. This organization was started in 1973 by a group of Christians who desired to unite the Christian church in helping those who have faced disaster. They have now worked in over 90 countries to help with the devastation left by tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes,¬† and more. Our church frequently gives through IDES because we know the funds will actually be given to the victims, IDES will still be there when other charities have left, and the name of God will be glorified. I urge you to consider giving through this wonderful organization.


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