Finger Foods for My Independent Munchkin

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my son lately! My munchkin isn’t really a picky eater (he eats more than his parents do!), but the last few days he’s scarfed down things he previously hated. It’s made my day! It also reminded me of a lot of tips I read or was told when introducing him to solids, so I thought I’d share some of those as well as some ideas for finger foods. My little man decided at 8 months old that he wanted to feed himself (and after getting two teeth at 6 months old, he still hasn’t got any more!), so I had to come up with several soft options that he could pick up and feed himself.

Always remember that what they don’t like today, they might like at another time. The only food that this is not true of with my son is avocadoes – he’s hated those every time I’ve tried them. However, yesterday he gobbled up a super scrambled egg (I’ll explain why I call it that later) when I’ve always been happy to get 1/2 an egg down him, and today he wolfed down some toddler muffins I made (recipe link later).

Don’t be afraid of flavor! We’re the only country in the world that doesn’t introduce spices and seasonings in our baby’s first foods. My son loves flavor, so he’ll do well in our family. 🙂 (When he was still on purees, I had to add spices to several of his foods or he wouldn’t eat them!)

Make sure they’re actually hungry when you feed them. My son LOVES grilled cheese sandwiches, and he LOVES blueberries, but I still remember a day when we were on a schedule that made me feed him a little earlier than normal. That day, he didn’t eat well and decided he needed to smear sandwich crumbs and blueberry juices in his hair…

Now, for some of the finger food options that I always keep on hand.

Foods I freeze and thaw for use:
I fix these in big batches and freeze them so that if I need them, it only takes a few seconds in the microwave on 30% power to have his meal ready. I’ve included in parentheses how I fix them for my munchkin:

-Peas (boiled)
-Carrots (diced and steamed)
-Sweet Potato (diced, roasted, and sprinkled with cinnamon)
-Butternut Squash (diced, roasted, and sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice)

-Apples (diced, steamed or roasted, sometimes sprinkled with cinnamon)
-Pears (diced, steamed, sometimes sprinkled with cinnamon)
-Grapes (quartered after thawing)
-Blueberries (cut after thawing if large)
-Mangoes (can be steamed or left raw and frozen)
-Mandarin Oranges (I found baby Cuties, and mandarin oranges can be frozen whole, then thawed later!)

Blueberry Banana Baby Muffins (My only change was to use fresh blueberries – just coat them in flour before adding to the batter.)
2+ Ingredient Baby Pancakes

Fresh foods I make on demand for him:

-Pasta (any simple sauce works; I’ve used butter with parmesan cheese and basil – he also gets whatever pasta we’re eating. And my munchkin doesn’t like spaghetti noodles, but he loves penne pasta cut into pieces with spaghetti sauce – figure that one out!)
-Rice (brown rice is healthier, but he doesn’t like it because it’s firmer)
-Buttered Toast
-Whatever bread we’re eating

Grains + Protein:
-Grilled cheese sandwich
-Toasted cheese sandwich (I cut a slice of bread in half, stick the halves together into the same slot of the toaster so the inside stays soft, and spread a thin layer of spreadable cheese on them after toasting.)
-Toasted sun butter sandwich (A crunchy friend told me about sun butter because her son is allergic to peanut butter. Munchkin doesn’t really care for it too much yet… just be sure you use a very thin layer, because it is still sticky and gooey like peanut butter and some babies may not like that.)

-Super Scrambled Eggs (I just add some shredded cheese and milk to make it tastier and fluffier. And I’ve tried hard-boiled eggs, but they’re a no-go still.)
-I also give him small bits of whatever meat we’re eating. He LOVES the meat for chicken tacos!
-Diced or Shredded Cheese

-Green Beans
-Roasted Potatoes
-Fried Potatoes
-Mashed Potato Cakes

I hope this gives you some ideas for your little one!


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