Awesome Baby-proofing Life Hack!

So I now feel thoroughly stupid! šŸ™‚ How did I not think of this on my own? Munchkin is getting a lot more time to roam around the house (supervised, of course). He’s still a little young to understand the discipline associated with the word “no,” so we have some areas that we go round and round with, including the kitchen and entertainment center cabinets. Well, a family member told me today to use… Wait for it….

A rubber band! Here I was, getting ready to add cabinet locks to my grocery list! It’s not that I totally baby-proofed everything in our house, but I don’t want Munchkin to get into it if it’s dangerous. I already had cabinet locks on the cabinets with chemicals, but I hadn’t thought to buy one for my small appliances (i.e., food processor blades, blender blades, mandolin blades) cabinet. Now I don’t have to! I’m sure Munchkin will learn how to remove them, but not before he’s old enough to understand what areas are safe and what areas aren’t. I’m just shocked that I haven’t seen this in the life hacks pins I have on Pinterest…


UPDATE: Please keep in mind that this is not a permanent fix. It will likely only work long enough for your child to learn what is off-limits (which you have to be consistent about). Also, a tip: buy brand new, thick rubber bands. Old bands and thin bands break easily, and your child’s increasing strength might cause a weaker band to break.

We ended up using this tactic for even our accordian-style linen closet doors (I keep all the extra bathroom products in there). I just looped a few rubber bands together to make a chain.

Also, please remember that when it comes to cabinets with poisonous cleaning products or medicines, ALWAYS buy a cabinet lock. Saving a couple dollars isn’t worth the risk to your child’s life.


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