Why FrankenStan?

I’m sure you’re wondering why on earth I would choose the name “FrankenStan” for a blog. It’s an interesting story… It originated as an insult during my teaching days. I taught high school literature, and one of my favorite works is Frankenstein. I’d like to think that by the time I learned of the nickname, it wasn’t really used anymore as an insult… I’ll admit, during those first few years, I had issues with my temper, so I believe I earned that nickname, unfortunately. However, I honestly began to like the nickname. (You have to admit, it’s rather ingenious!)

As I’ve said, I love the book Frankenstein. Now, I’m realizing that I have more in common with Frankenstein’s monster than I realize. While Frankenstein’s monster was hideous and appalling on the outside, I can most certainly be hideous and appalling on the inside. In his anger, he did appalling things; I have as well. He had a good heart and good intentions, as do I, but neither of us makes a very good first impression. All he wanted was to live in peace, and I hope for the same. Thankfully, I have one thing the monster didn’t that can truly supply that peace: my faith in God.

Despite the monster inside of me, I know that I am God’s work in progress. He is continually molding me and shaping me so that my insides will reflect His beauty rather than my own monstrosity. Along that line, I hope that in this blog, my readers will see my heart and intentions and that I will be able to use my words to encourage and inspire, not cause pain or dissension.

I also felt that the purpose of my blog was sort of my own Frankenstein’s monster – a conglomeration of different pieces that don’t necessarily fit together perfectly, but come together to form a whole. My blog isn’t really dedicated to anything… I share recipes, projects, birthday parties, thoughts, inspiration, etc. While these are each separate topics and posts, they come together to form a whole being: a blog that reflects me.

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