The Secret Pain of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up. Most of us will spend the day with our moms, celebrating the sacrifices they’ve made in raising us, giving them flowers and candy and jewelry, and eating dinner as a family.

Those are all good things. There is, however, a secret pain lurking behind the celebration of Mother’s Day. It may not be present in every family, but chances are, it is. For some, Mother’s Day brings more pain than joy.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Paying It Forward on Your Birthday

I don’t know about you, but since becoming an adult (and especially since having a child), I really haven’t cared about celebrating my birthday. Sure, I want to go out with my family for a fun activity and dinner (who wants to cook on their birthday?!), but I don’t want cake or parties or gifts. In fact, since I hit 30 this year, I wouldn’t mind ignoring it altogether… but then my best friend Sarah came up with a great idea for celebrating.
We wanted to get together to “celebrate” since we both turned 30 this year, but she came up with a great idea based on a blog she’d seen – doing random acts of kindness as our birthday celebration! You can view the original post here.


Don’t Act Like a Christian

Why is it so hard sometimes to act like a Christian? Basically, why is it so hard to act like Christ? I think there’s a problematic word in that sentence – “act.” “Acting” denotes a sense of falsehood, a character. We shouldn’t act like Christians. We shouldn’t act like Christ. We are Christians, and therefore we have the Holy Spirit inside of us. That means our behavior should be real, a result of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling, not a result of our attempts to follow the rules.