Don’t Act Like a Christian

Why is it so hard sometimes to act like a Christian? Basically, why is it so hard to act like Christ? I think there’s a problematic word in that sentence – “act.” “Acting” denotes a sense of falsehood, a character. We shouldn’t act like Christians. We shouldn’t act like Christ. We are Christians, and therefore we have the Holy Spirit inside of us. That means our behavior should be real, a result of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling, not a result of our attempts to follow the rules.


Competition vs. Contentment in Motherhood

Since becoming a mom, I’ve noticed that I struggle with being content in two areas. I am naturally a competitive person, which is not a bad thing. It means I enjoy watching sports (I’m sure my husband liked having me get into last year’s NBA playoffs when we were cheering on our team!). It means I can get together with friends for board games and card games. It means I work hard to be the best I can be. However… it can also be a curse.

My Trusted Charities for Disbursing Donations

My community and I are blessed – we were spared from both sets of tornadoes that have destroyed so many homes and lives in my state in the last few weeks. My heart goes out to the communities surrounding Moore, especially since I have several friends who live there (all are okay, praise God). I felt the same way when the tornado ripped through Joplin two years ago. I lived in Joplin for four years while attending college, and a piece of my heart still considers it as home. (Again, praise God, all of my friends survived the tornado.)


Babies Don’t Keep…

My munchkin is approaching is his first birthday (June 20), and I am NOT handling it well. He’s our first baby, and I’ve been incredibly blessed to stay home with him for his first year. Now, however, that year is ending, the student loans from my master’s program are coming due, and I’ll be heading back to work part-time – and leaving my growing-way-too-quickly little man for a couple days a week. I’m not ready for it – not at all. He’s gone from completely dependent on me in every way to Mr. Independent, wanting to play by himself and feed himself. He’s gone from just being able to lift his head to taking his first steps. He’s gone from involuntary smiles to full-out giggles when he’s tickled. Can it already be a year? More