You’re the reason I’m unhappy (an open letter).

sad woman
I know happiness is a choice, so I know I should be able to be happy regardless of what you say, but you certainly don’t make it easy. To be honest, sometimes, I can’t. Do you know how hard it is to be happy when you’re spewing hateful words at me? When you criticize my every opinion? When you attack me? When you insult the very core of who I am? I can’t help but be upset by that. I can’t help but get frustrated with you when you are blatantly disrespectful.

Competition vs. Contentment in Motherhood

Since becoming a mom, I’ve noticed that I struggle with being content in two areas. I am naturally a competitive person, which is not a bad thing. It means I enjoy watching sports (I’m sure my husband liked having me get into last year’s NBA playoffs when we were cheering on our team!). It means I can get together with friends for board games and card games. It means I work hard to be the best I can be. However… it can also be a curse.