We’ve won the battle, but we’re still losing the war: 5 things to remember as you fight infertility.

I’ve realized something this week: infertility is not a single battle to be won, but a war we constantly fight. Succeeding in becoming pregnant one time does not mean that a person is no longer infertile.

Our Struggle with Infertility (Part 1)

Let me begin by saying a few things before diving into our story.

1. Infertility is much more common than people realize. According to RESOLVE, an infertility awareness and support organization, 1 in 8 couples experiences fertility problems. Why is that important? Because it means that unless you are a hermit (and we won’t even discuss how you could be a hermit yet reading a blog, lol), you know someone who has or is struggling with infertility – whether you know it or not.

2. The other seven couples who don’t struggle with infertility often don’t realize how common it is. My purpose in telling our story is in the hopes of making this group more aware so that they can be more discerning, supportive, and encouraging rather than inadvertently hurting someone with thoughtless words.

But There is Hope… (Part 2 of our infertility struggle)

(Read part 1 of our struggle with infertility here.)

Emotions can be terrible things. They are not logical or rational. And as our struggle with infertility continued, I struggled with my emotions. A LOT. I even asked God if I had done something wrong that caused my infertility, even though I knew better (in my mind) because of what Jesus said when He healed the man blind from birth (John 9).

But even as I struggled constantly with my emotions, there were things that brought me hope. More