“Child” Approved Cooked Carrots

If your child is anything like mine, he did a great job eating those pureed veggies as a baby, but is becoming much more picky as a toddler. To be honest, it doesn’t help matters that my husband and I aren’t big veggie eaters – the only veggies you’ll find on our dinner plates are green beans, corn (if you count that as a veggie), and potatoes (if you count that too). Sure, Hubby will eat other veggies, but I won’t – so I don’t fix them. Unfortunately, that means Munchkin has had far less exposure to veggies since he started eating whatever we’re having, and the small number of possibilities means he’s getting burned out on some things.


Finger Foods for My Independent Munchkin

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my son lately! My munchkin isn’t really a picky eater (he eats more than his parents do!), but the last few days he’s scarfed down things he previously hated. It’s made my day! It also reminded me of a lot of tips I read or was told when introducing him to solids, so I thought I’d share some of those as well as some ideas for finger foods. My little man decided at 8 months old that he wanted to feed himself (and after getting two teeth at 6 months old, he still hasn’t got any more!), so I had to come up with several soft options that he could pick up and feed himself.